Skipping Festival

Year 2 have had a fantastic week, particularly on Monday when they took part in the skipping festival. I am very proud of their determination and preparation of the festival, which did fantastically well, all that practice paid off and every child won either a Bronze, Silver and Gold award! Well done Year 2!

Year 2 have been using their 5 Senses!

This week Year 2 have started their new genre of writing which is fantasy, by looking at the animated story called Bubbles. In order to set the scene for their writing they have been using their fantastic 5 senses by listening to sounds of waves and feeling different objects from the seaside.

Spiritual Art and Science

Year 2 have had a fantastic week, they have done lots of wonderful learning. In spiritual art they have created painted pebbles for our focal point as a symbol of friendship and forgiveness.

In science they have been sorting and categorizing animals into their groups.

Class Liturgy

Year 2 had a fantastic day on Friday, as they performed their brilliant Celebration Assembly. In the afternoon they prepared their class liturgy, reflecting on the time of Pentecost and what they had learnt.

Welcome back Year 2

Year 2 have had a fantastic few days back at school, they have been doing lots of wonderful learning in science by dissecting a flower in order to understand the different parts of a flower.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Year 2 have been amazing during our final week of term. They thoroughly enjoyed our Christmas party day and behaviour has been outstanding.

Thank you to the Year 2 children for their hard work and determination over the autumn term; I know they will continue this with Miss Wigglesworth next term.

Have a lovely Christmas and a fantastic New Year.

Mrs. Binney


Testing Materials

In Science this week we have been testing different materials. We tested a sock, playdough, a pipe cleaner, a plastic bottle, an elastic band, a drinking straw, a sponge and a towel. We were investigating whether each of these materials could be stretched, twisted, bent and squashed. We found out that a plastic bottle can be twisted, an elastic band can be stretched and a sponge can be squashed.

MAD Week

Year 2 are utterly exhausted after a fantastic week full of music, art and drama. We explored the painting ‘The Fighting Temeraire’ and took part in lots of different activities including:

  • Making ship’s biscuits by following a recipe
  • Printing
  • Dancing and singing sailor songs
  • Exploring primary colours and mixing them to make secondary colours
  • Mixing primary colours with black and white to tint and shade
  • Creating junk model ships
  • Blending to create a sunset using chalk pastels
  • Taste testing different foods that would have been eaten on a ship in the 1800s
  • Used instruments to create soft and loud sounds
  • Dancing to music to reinact the Battle of Trafalgar

“My favourite part was the junk modelling.” – Bailey

“I loved singing sailor songs.” – Rory

“I liked printing the best.” – Erin

“The best part was dancing for the Battle of Trafalgar.” – Freddie

“I have loved every activity this week.” – Henry


Mystery Jigsaw Piece

Mrs. Nealings dropped off a mysterious envelope this afternoon. Inside it contained a jigsaw piece. We have been trying to figure what it could possibly be? Our ideas include:

  • The sun rising
  • Part of a map
  • Part of a camel
  • Dust
  • The Desert
  • Smoke
  • Sand
  • Wheat
  • A close up of a brick


We will find out more information next week.

  • IMG_1311